"The Shade of My Day" (single)

by Rotting Apples

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4th single from the album "The Falling Sound", backed with the digital-only B-side, "Alleyway".


released March 7, 2015

Music/ Lyrics: Billy Bedard
Vocals on "The Shade of My Day": Trisha Farnan
Vocals on "Alleyway": Trisha Farnan and Brady Cabe
All instruments: Billy Bedard
Photography: Christina MacArthur



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Rotting Apples Bakersfield, California

Originally a live band, Rotting Apples formed in Summer 2003 and quickly amassed a collection of over 100 songs. Since then, the band has become a studio only project and has just finished recording their first album. "The Falling Sound" is the first of many Rotting Apples albums and showcases the band's more psychedelic/ poppy side, while never shying away from their rock roots. ... more

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Track Name: "The Shade of My Day" (single)
"The Shade of My Day" lyrics:

Ring the last bell
That I knew so well, long gone
And our fallen sounds
They're marked in the ground, buried

The shade of my day
The words I would say, fading

Well everyone's gone
We've waited too long
I wish I could follow
I saw you again
So this is the end
The words were so hollow

Misled and tried
My words won't apply, they worry
But if I go through
I'll still look for you, out there

But know that someday
That we all could say, we were there

Impatient I know
The future will show
In dreams I've been haunted
The memories I hold
My heart getting old
The life that I've wanted
Track Name: "Alleyway" (b-side)
"Alleyway" lyrics:

(For every day I've spent with you)
(No matter what, I know it's true)
Dancing in the sun together, moments come and go (That all I need is here)
I love you now much more than ever, if only you could know (And in my dreams it's clear)
I am yours and you are mine to drive beyond our ways (But when it's gone tonight)
'Cause there is so much waiting for us inside another day (Know that it's alright)

And in a daze we all surrender
A million ways to fall back under
It's coming on without a reason
Just one more kiss and then it's off to stay

(Down the street we wave to you)
(Behind the homes of all we knew)
In the field we laugh and play and talk of what's to be (And in the sun they wash away)
Dreams of hope and wishes longing, pray that you'll find me (Another time, another day)
The sun goes down and we run off to roll on through the grass (The summer weighs upon your eyes)
I look into your eyes and know you're finally here at last (A smile all that we had tried)

And all the ways that we could ever mention
Stood out strong inside a new invention
Began to know and see our all remembrance
No matter what they say we know we'll always be in love

(Another day by you in dreams)
(Running through the alley trees)
You're the only reason had to soldier through this time (And I will carry you beyond)
I pull you in and touch your face, I wish to make you mine (Through all the years we soldier on)
Never mind the past, tomorrow, all we have is now (And by your hands I hold you still)
I never want to ever lose you, we'll make it through somehow (And if you want, you know I will)